ALTANA has acquired the business of Imaginant Inc. which is now part of ALTANA's BYK Division.  Learn more.


High-Resolution High-Precision Coating Thickness Gauges

High-Performance Ultrasound Pulser-Receivers

Precision-Manufactured RoHS-Compliant Contact and Immersion Ultrasound Transducers

We design and manufacture high-precision, high-performance Ultrasound Metrology equipment and transducers. Founded in 1986, we have 35 years of expertise and innovation with all aspects of ultrasound-based systems.

  • We design and manufacture the JSR Ultrasonics® brand of Pulser-Receiver instruments. Pulser-Receivers serve as an ultrasound metrology system’s interface to ultrasound transducers for test, measurement, or imaging applications. Learn more.
  • We design and precision-manufacture the PureView PrecisionTM line of high-frequency ultrasound transducers with uniform device to device performance. Ultrasound transducers serve as the bridge between the physical world and ultrasound metrology systems. Learn more.
  • We design and manufacture the PELT® brand of precision handheld and Robotic thickness measurement gauges that employ ultrasound to measure thin coating layers. PELT® gauges precisely measure the thickness of each layer in a multi-layer stack on any substrate. Learn more.