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Robotic PELT Automated Multi-Layer Thickness Measurement System

Automated Robotic PELT systems continuously collect multi-layer coating thickness measurements from sensors placed by one or more robots. The system utilizes the same proven high-resolution ultrasound technology employed in PELT hand-held gauges. Automated robotic measurements can be made on virtually any substrate material including steel, aluminum, plastics, composites, glass, and wood.

  • Automated measurement solution ensures continuous sampling of paint application processes for multiple paint lines, body styles, and colors.
  • Fully automatic gauging of up to 5 coating layers at each measurement point.
  • Measures individual coating layers on virtually any substrate material.
  • Appearance and color measurement devices can be added to the robots, enabling thickness, appearance, and color measurements from a single measurement cell.
  • Systems can be configured with one, two, or more robots.
  • Patented air-bearing PELT End of Arm Tool readily obtains measurement data from flat and convex surfaces.
  • Integrated End of Arm tool automatically orients to the measurement surface.
  • Thickness data is stored in XML format, accessible via Ethernet from the Robotic PELT system PC.

A fundamental objective of the painting process is to produce a high-quality finish with appropriate appearance, color, and durability.  Measuring the thickness of each paint layer across the entire vehicle is the key to attaining these appearance objectives.  Thickness data from a Robotic PELT system reveals whether each paint layer is within specified process limits and enables users to control the paint application to attain the desired paint thickness across the vehicle.  This end result is enhanced customer satisfaction with the vehicle.

Using conventional methods, it can require weeks to produce a single measurement of each of the possible combinations of paint lines, bodies, and colors which impedes process control.  For tight process control, daily paint thickness values are required.  The automated Robotic PELT measurement system provides this quantity of data with all color and style combinations being sampled in hours rather than weeks.  The end result is tighter process control, reduced material waste, lower energy consumption, and greater customer satisfaction.

The Patented PELT sensor provides measurements on flat or convex surface locations anywhere on a vehicle.  The sensor applies only 6 N (1.3 Lbs.) of force to the surface, enabling measurements to be made on plastic surfaces that might otherwise deform.  The sensor automatically aligns to the painted surface to provide reliable measurements, and the non-destructive ultrasound technology enables measurements to be made on production vehicles.