PELT® sets the global standard for high-resolution multi-layer precision thickness gauging. PELT® coating-thickness gauges provide precise and highly-accurate measurements of up to 5 layers of paint and coatings, on virtually any type of substrate. Imaginant supplies both hand-held gauges and automated robotic measurement solutions.

PELT gauges provide data for the precise control of exacting coating-applications including for automotive paints, wind turbine blade protective coatings, steel coil coatings, and shipping container anti-corrosion coatings. PELT gauges measure coatings on substrates including steel, aluminum, plastics, carbon fiber, composites, glass, and wood.


Use this selection guide to determine the right coating thickness gauge for your application.

  Applications Maximum Layers
µPELT-ts3 High resolution gauging of up to 3 layers. 3
µPELT-ts3H High penetration gauging for lossy coatings and materials 3
µPELT-ts5 High resolution gauging of up to 5 layers. 5
µPELT-ts5+ High resolution gauging with added capability for measuring lossy coatings and materials. 5
Robotic PELT Robotic system with End of Arm tooling for making automated thickness measurements. 5

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