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PELT® µPELT-ts3 and µPELT-ts5   Three and Five Layer High Resolution Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The µPELT-ts3 and uPELT-ts5 are high-resolution thickness gauges with 3-layer and 5-layer measurement capabilities respectively. PELT high-resolution ultrasonic measurement technology provides unparalleled precision and accuracy. PELT thickness gauges are capable of measuring layer thicknesses on virtually any substrate material including steel, aluminum, plastics, composites, and wood. The unique capabilities and outstanding performance of PELT gauges have made them the standard coating thickness measurement tool for demanding applications in paint facilities world wide.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Color touch-screen display.
  • Multi-layer thicknesses measurements on any substrate material.
  • µPELT-ts3 gauge measures up to 3 layers at each measurement point.
  • µPELT-ts5 gauge measures up to 5 layers at each measurement point.
  • Reports individual layer thickness and total thickness at each measurement point.
  • USB interface to a PC.
  • Non-destructive measurements eliminate the need for specially prepared samples or destructive analysis.

The included PELT Manager™ Windows® software provides a powerful and easy to use interface to the PELT gauge for transferring calibration information and measurement data to/from the gauge.  PELT Manager can automatically process Ultrasound data files into thickness values through Autogage2 software.

Thickness data from the µPELT-ts gauges is stored in a format that is easily imported into spreadsheet and database programs. The optional film build reports display coating thickness on customized product silhouettes or as charts showing thickness vs. location.  Film Build Reports depict coating layers in Excel® spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel ® required).